When I finished work I discovered my back tyre was flat. I thought I had a flat tyre coming anyway. Now it has happened.

I am going to try and fix it myself. I did have a wicked thought by getting the bike shop to do it, but thought, nope, I have done it before so I could do it again.

I am doing it in a girly way by listening to the radio and having a tea break with custard creams in between ‘fiddly bits’ to make it more enjoyable.

Update: I managed to do it in 1 3/4 hour, bar the tea break and a bloke ‘snatching the tube’ out of my and ‘interfering’. Besides all that, I definitely can fix a back puncture. Pleased with my progress.


3 responses to “Puncture!

  1. You could have a Spare Inner Tube with you to put on it is the easiest way especially if you were stuck out in the Wilds. Then when you get Home fix the Original Inner Tube for that Rainy Day when you are going to need it.

    Dont forget to check inside the Tyre for anything that caused the Puncture in the first place like Thorns or even a Nail but have Gloves on when Fiddling around inside the Tyre.

    Best of luck and dont make a Hames of it or you will find Air Hissing out of it before you have gone a Mile and dont get Tube Glue in your Tea or on your Custard Creams.

  2. I think that having a spare inner tube is handy when you are on the road, but I was only three quarters of an hour walk away so it wasn’t too bad.

    I did have a spare tube with me but I was determined to use my old one as ‘save the new one’ for when it really gets bad. I wanted a ‘challenge’ today and I enjoyed it.

  3. Good for you,if I have a Tube handy I tend to do it the lazy way and use the new one myself.

    I was down the Country once in Waterford Touring on a Mountain Bike and I had three Punctures unbelievable on a Mountain Bike with thick Tyres.

    The first one I discovered after I stopped overnight at a Pub in Dungarvan on the Harbour. I had just come through an Area where they were Working on a New Main Road and it was just Gravel . I was heading off the next Morning and discovered it ,so I put in a New Tube. Then I eventually got two more Punctures on different Days afterwards and no New Tubes. It is a Pain mending Punctures on the side of the Road on Grass Verges.

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