Cold Mornings

Boy, it was cold this morning. So cold I wish I had my gloves with me. I took my coat which is made of wool to work and needless to say I didn’t need it in the afternoon when it was warm and sunny.

On the way, I saw a lovely September mist.

I see less cyclists now than I ever have. Most days I don’t see any cyclists at all. I don’t even see the regular cyclists now. It is really odd. I wonder what has happened.


2 responses to “Cold Mornings

  1. There are Recreational Cyclists,the Weekend Cyclists and the fair Weather Cyclists. Then there are the Cyclists who Cycle in all kinds of Weather no matter what part of the Year it is.

    This new Resurgence in Cycling is great more People than ever Cycling. Though we will see who are the dedicated ones now that the Autumn has Officially arrived. It is great Cycling in the nice warm Sun of the Summer but the Newbe Cyclists might have other ideas once it starts getting cold.

    From now on the Weather is changing gradually some Mornings it will be warm then on other Mornings a Frost is beginning to Bite. A lot of the Summer Cyclists like the Migrant Birds are slowly Departing the Roads for Motorised Transport and only the Real Cyclists are left.

  2. I like it, the ‘dedicated cyclists’ take over.

    Well, the cyclist I see regularly in the mornings is back. I think he is a ‘shift worker’. He normally wears dark clothes and a white helmet. He tends to cycle ‘right through the winter’ which means he is a proper cyclist, a non-nimby cyclist. We tend to bump into each other by the same shop but he is on the other side of the road. It is part of my bike ride to see him, he is a kind of ‘landmark’ now and if I don’t see him, I worry and think, ‘maybe I am late’ or my watch is wrong.

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