I am getting a bit fed up of not exploring as much as I’d like to mainly due to the costs of a holiday, even at a B & B. So I thought a way round it would be to go camping again but mainly to ‘connect with nature’ and lead a more simple life.

So I was round Milletts after work today nosing around for a camping stove, gas and utensils. I wanted to find one that I could carry on my bike, there were a few that were great but some were just too heavy. Of course, the nice heavy ones had the ‘best stove’, complete with grill. Motorists have it good:-)

So I am looking at two of them, a small piddly one which is great for carrying on my bike or one A4 size with the width of a brick which is not very heavy but it is quite wide and could be a nuisance to carry. I am really not sure what to choose. I am mainly using it for ‘weekend camping.

I don’t think I will be camping until next year but I want to get prepared.

I also need a camp mat because when I last camped, the ground was absolutely freezing that it put me off camping for a while.

My bf has already mentioned that he thinks I will take my netbook with me. He knows I want to take EVERYTHING. Now, it will be weird to camp with a computer. That isn’t really how it is supposed to be but imagine me blogging under the stars.


2 responses to “Camping

  1. I suppose the simplest Stove and lightest is a Swedish Trangia Meths Stove. There is another very simple thing which is a Square little Metal Box that you unfold and put in a small Yewllowish Fuel Block and Light it and it lasts for 30Minutes.These Stoves are Cheap to buy.

    Then there is an MSR Stove that you connect a Red Fuel Cylinder that contains various Fuels like White Fuel ,Petrol,Diesel .There is a Primus Stove which is the same as an MSR.These Fuel Stoves are fairly Dear and you have to be careful lighting them as you can Burn your Face off by the Flare up sometimes.I have an MSR GXR but I have not used it yet,they are very good but watch how you light them.

    If you can get a Swedish Army Mess Kit Stove that works very Similar to the Trangia,these are great but you might be only able to buy these on Amazon and they are Cheap enough . The Swedish Army still uses them and gets them made.

    Then there is the Reliable Camping Gaz Butane Stove which you have to get a Disposable Cylinder,not Environment friendly as you have to Chuck the Cylinder away when finished with it. I have one of these for Years.

    I also have an Old Paraffin Stove that is now an Antique in Brass around 35 Years Old ,not heavy but very Bulky you just would not bring it with you for Camping.

    You also need a very Light Tent of around 2 1/2 Kilo for your Bike,the good ones are very expensive at around £250 – 300.

  2. I like the tiny fold-up pocket sized stoves. Haven’t failed me yet. Also i took a tablet computer on a recent camping trip which was useful for navigation due to its gps. And handy for watching tv episodes on for entertainment… Or ebook reading.

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