Day off.. for nothing!

I was supposed to be going to Tony Blair’s book signing but he got scared and it was cancelled. That means that I have an extra day off.

I was tempted to go to the Stop the War protest outside the Tate Modern for his ‘secret’ launch party but due to various reasons, won’t be going unfortunately. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Hope there will be plenty of video coverage.

I was really impressed by the Dublin protests.

I did buy the book in the end (bad me!) mainly to know a little more of what he is like. Yes, it is a bit of a lame excuse and I deserve to be covered in horseshit. But, I did get it for half price….


Just got reports that the secret launch party is cancelled!!

from the Press Association

“A party to mark the launch of Tony Blair’s new book at Tate Modern, which would have attracted protests from anti-war campaigners, has been called off.

Guests invited to the event have been told that it has been postponed, a spokeswoman for the book’s publishers, Random House, said.

It is the second time the former prime minister has called off an event after he cancelled a signing session of his memoir, due to be held at the Waterstone’s book store in London’s Piccadilly.

After cancelling the book signing the ex-premier said he did not want to subject the public to the “inevitable hassle” protests would cause or use up police resources keeping order at the event.

Campaigners against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had planned to demonstrate outside Tate Modern and criticised the museum for allowing the party to be held there.

Eggs and shoes were hurled by protesters and one attempted to make a citizen’s arrest when Mr Blair signed copies of the book, A Journey, in Dublin last weekend.”


One response to “Day off.. for nothing!

  1. I just could not bring myself to buy his Book because that would mean he has won in spite of all the protesting. It would just stick in my Gut if I did buy it,Repugnant.

    What I would do is Read it in the Book Shop to find out what he was on about every so often if I was that bothered. From what I have seen so far of it on the Internet is a Sugary Sweet Sanctimonious load of Rubbish. Some of it is a Quasi Religious load of Pious Platitudes half Apologies for the War and all the Killings and the rest he is saying it was the right thing. He also recommends starting another War in the Middle East because it is necessarily to stop Terrorism.

    Since the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars it has just got worse not better all because he wanted to Suck up to George Bush’s War Machine. He wanted Britain to remain part of the Clique. He has been following Bushes rear end for Years and getting Millions Killed. Because of his Policies he has Promoted Terrorism in Britain happening not stopping it.

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