I have no life!

I have been busy at work, have been working way over the legal limit because a staff member has left and another is on holiday. So have been working flat out, with barely any time to pause for breath. I am not a happy bunny but I don’t have any choice really.

Somewhere in between all this I need a hairdresser’s appointment. Not sure how I am going to fit it in unless they open through the night:-)

Just got back from work and right now am reading a big article on the ‘UN’s decade of road safety’ in the Guardian. There is a big article on driver behaviour – a very important issue. Drivers are now a lot worse and more dangerous than they have ever been, and they have the wrong personality to be in the driver’s seat. Maniacs should not drive!

Taking about maniacs, George Michael has been sentenced to jail for a ‘typically short time’ for driving under the influence of drugs. He got a lenient sentence because ‘he was bereaved’, but that was in 1997.

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