Daily Archives: September 22, 2010

Musical Rides

Lambeth Cyclists had a rock and roll ride. What a great idea.

We have had architectural rides, fancy dress rides, rides with poetry and now rock and roll rides. Bike rides have never been so fun and educational. Also, another good thing,is that these types of rides ‘weed out’ the annoying ‘let’s bike to the pub and booze all the time’ cyclists, and avoids them going on and on about football.

I just hope that Kent has educational rides. They still stuck in the ‘pub ride’ category, which gets boring after you have done half a dozen of them. Many of these cyclists are doing these rides to get fit, but I want to be fit and have fun too and learn things.

“This ride looked at buildings and places in London with some famous and not-so-famous connections with the music legends of our time.”

The ride looked at musical connections locally in Lambeth, then headed for Central London via Battersea Park, Chelsea, Camden and Hampstead Heath. We then went due south to end our ride in Waterloo.

Some of the celebrities with connections with the places we looked at include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, The Clash, Pink Floyd, plus links with various movements such as Punk and New Romanticism.”