I have not got an App for that

I am seeing a lot of good stuff re cycling apps lately, one for cycling caffs and reporting potholes

However, it is getting to that stage when you can’t escape technology on a bike ride.

I take a mobile with me and lately I have taken a netbook (but now only occasionally). I don’t really want to spend my time faffing round for apps. And if I wanted to use to report a pothole, I would do it when I get home, after all, the council aren’t exactly going to do it immediately.

I also don’t want to fork out for a minimum rate of £40 for an iphone contract when my £20 month and 600 minutes is just fine, and I don’t really like the idea of losing an iphone too, it is an extra worry. I have fully paid up for my phone, it is on a rolling contract, so that is perfect for me.


3 responses to “I have not got an App for that

  1. The more Gadgets you bring with you the more likelihood of them getting lost or Stolen. Last Week I was in the City Pottering around the Shops looking for new Shoes for Cycling and Roughing it and I got my Camera Stolen.

    I normally carry it in a little Bag I suppose you would call it Moleskin,always ready to hand in case I saw something interesting to Photograph.I was in one Shop looking at their Shoes and I forgot about the Camera. When I started to unchain the Bike a Man came over to me to Explain I had the Camera Stolen. It was some Workman who chased the Thief for awhile ,then the Police in Plain Clothes who were nearby came over.

    They took the Details and said they believed they knew who it was and hoped to get them very soon. However I do not think I will get the Camera back. It was not an expensive Camera although good enough to take very good Pictures and it was only a few Months old. So I am back to taking Photo’s with the Mobile Phone.

    It would annoy me to carry a load of Gadgets with me on my Bike rides,a Mobile Phone is sufficient in case of emergencies of any kind. I hardly ever use it except for taking Pictures.

  2. Oh that’s bad news and that camera was a fairly new one too.

    Yes, the more stuff you carry you lose or it gets stolen. Maybe you if you kept the receipt you can claim it off your insurance although that may mean your insurance will go up. When I worked in insurance they would ‘allow’ two claims (not the same type of claim) and keep the premium fairly similar, it was only when people kept on claiming they tightened the screws and it felt suspicious.I have only used my household insurance once and that was when my bike got stolen.

    If they catch the thief, maybe he will pay you a ‘victim surcharge’, it may not be much though.

    Well, it sounds like that thief is a regular, he clearly hasn’t learned his lesson and has carried on thieving.
    I suppose the police need the camera for ‘evidence’, but he may have dumped it off somewhere.

  3. I gave them the Details a few Days later but I do not have much hope of getting it back. Now if it was very expensive it would be a whole lot worse. So let that be a warning to you dont bring anything worth a lot of Money with you on the Bike.

    There is the Snatch and grab aspect to it as well this could end up with a person being hurt by being thrown to the ground.

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