I have to be knocked out!

The more I don’t drive and know that many drivers are driving distractedly, the more I just don’t want to be a passenger.

My bf is seeing his mother up in Accrington and he wants me to come along. Already I am refusing to go by long distance train because a) it is expensive b)I feel claustrophobic in trains so we are going up by coach which means I will end up going by National Express and then his mother will pick me up from Preston (fortunately it is only 15 miles from her house from the coach station). However, because I don’t like going as a passenger I have asked my bf if we can avoid the motorway. It is bad enough being on the road and having little control over my life but it is the best I can come up with.

Then for 2 days we will be going round by car. How great is that? The idea of it makes me feel anxious but hopefully the roads won’t be too busy and we will avoid the rush hour. I wish I could just get about by train or bus, or hire a bike but no, his mother is a motorist and loves driving so we have to go by car.

I am going to go to the chemist soon to find some natural alternatives to valium.. see, that’s how anxious I am! I like being on bicycle because I feel more in control.


2 responses to “I have to be knocked out!

  1. That would be 300Miles at least from your area to his Mothers House,a long distance by Coach. I would prefer the Train myself and hang the expense,I have never liked long distance Bus journies too uncomfortable. I tried it several times and hated it when I was trying to save Money by going by Coach.

    Can you not persuade her to go by Bicycle far Healthier for her at her age and more safer too for you both. I suppose it would not be possible to say no,so you will just have to grimace and pretend to be relaxed.

  2. Coaches are far more comfortable these days, although I never use the loo on one of these things. And you can have a walk round outside and get some fresh air instead of being trapped in a train compartment in the middle of nowhere. Often no one talks to you on trains and buses are ‘less lonely’.

    Unfortunately you are limited to just a folding bike on a coach but if need be, you can always hire a bike. Generally I often just walk instead if I am exploring a new city or use local buses. However, I went to Cambridge some months back and our B & B was far away, which we didn’t realise and it would have been handy to have a even a folded bike.

    On our outward journey we will get ‘priority seating’, hopefully that means we can sit at the front and get a better view and perhaps take a photo of the driver if he is speeding or talking on a mobile. Bet he will be really pleased to have me as a passenger:-)

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