Rural Stations and how Cr*p they are for Cyclists

This is a case in view. Wadhurst Station.

The new stairs is so high that it doesn’t take much for a child or woman with ‘unsuitable shoes’ or someone who is not very strong, to fall down these stairs whilst carrying a bicycle.

I found it very difficult to get to the top and it was even worse on the way down when I felt dizzy as I get vertigo. I am also not very strong. I had to remove my bags before I could take the bike down but I had to wait till everyone was out of the way. The workmen ignored me completely and didn’t offer to help.

This type of stairs just shows you how cyclists are not consulted at all.

We can’t even use the road to the next station as it is highly dangerous with Roadpeace signs running along the main rural road.

And taxis aren’t offered either, although they are for disabled people.

I have written to Network Rail to complain.

One response to “Rural Stations and how Cr*p they are for Cyclists

  1. Very Dangerous,could do with an Escalator and what about those with Physical Handicaps even worse.Astonishing how this sort of thing is still allowed,a Relic of the Victorian age. Complain to the various Organisations and get their Support ,like the Handicapped and Blind also Pedestrians and of course the Cyclists.

    Why did they put it in in the first place without Planning it properly for Peoples use.

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