London Cyclist Mag

I received London Cyclist magazine this month and it is a particularly good edition.

It has some good stuff on Bicycle cafes and how many more are springing up in London.( I will have to add them to my Bike Cafe blog in due course.) I hope they will catch on nationally.

They also had a good feature on the Bicycle Police and how they went out setting up their ‘stings’. I enjoyed it when they ‘overwhelmed’ the bike thief with coppers. Apparently the police were well aware where there were regular thefts ..and even the time.

One interesting thing that they mentioned as that some bike thieves ‘look like the traditional city cyclist, complete with Hi-Viz vest and suit’ so beware that they ‘may not look like scruffy thieves’.

Also they said that if more bikes were marked with UV with the bike’s serial number and then put on a police register, more bikes would be reunited with the owner. They also said that bikes fitted with electronic devices ie like mine is, may not be reunited with the owner because the scanners were very big, like a suitcase, and I presume that not all police stations would even have them. That was a big shock so I am going to see if I can get my bike marked properly (I do have UV markers at home) and also add it on to as well) even though I have a datatag device!


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