It was freezing in the morning, fairly warm and sunny during the day and then freezing at 4pm, that’s when I couldn’t find my gloves in my bag (I take lots of stuff with me) and had to cycle home without. It was only when I got back that I found them again:-)

I had a day off today and went to the ‘Wadhurst dump’ and got about 12 books for £3. In fact I got a set of those ‘orrible History books, supposedly for kids, but I like history and want to ‘quickly run through them’. Some of them were about the Greeks and Romans. I never did the Romans at school, the school probably thought that Romans wouldn’t interest girls for some strange reason.


2 responses to “Freezing

  1. We have noticed the Freezing Weather here too in Dublin and Normally I wear Light Gloves when Cycling but now I am wearing my Thick Waterproof Altura Cycling Gloves and Heavier Coat which is also Waterproof although I would not use this Coat for distance Cycling..

    I have always loved Reading up on the Romans and Greeks,did you know that they Invented Concrete and it enabled them to Build the Dome of the Pantheon the Temple to all the Gods now used as a Catholic Church. When Rome was finally Sacked in 350Ad or thereabouts the Secret of Concrete making was lost for 400 Years.

    Before they used Soap for washing Clothes they used Urine which they would collect from the large Jars or Amphora in the Streets that were used as Public Conveniences. The Ammonia in the Urine did a good Job of Washing the Clothes. I was swotting up on how they managed for Toilet Paper and this is what I found. In the Public Baths the Water used from the Baths would be let run under where they Sat on the Row of Benches with a Hole for the Toilet and the Water act as a Flushing System for the Human Waste. Then they used a Loofah,a Stick with a Sponge on the End instead of Toilet Paper. It is not known if they used Community Loofahs or carried their own with them.

  2. Yes, I heard about the concrete invention.

    I also read that the Greeks invented the first roof tile.

    Interesting that the Romans used to use a stick and sponge and that reminds me, when I was working with horses, we used a sponge for them as well. I also read that they used leaves, when I was watching an archaeology programme.

    Another thing that Romans used for clocks was a ‘water clock’ , they could measure time by the amount of time by the amount of water going in a jar. The Greeks used them as well. Nowadays we see them ‘as novelty times’ as digital water clocks.

    I was really impressed by the inventions of ancient civilisation and how far we have come.

    I was quite impressed how our tribes fought hard against the Roman invasion, one of them being ‘a mere woman’ Boudicca. We did fight a major dictatorship.

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