So I will be up in Streatham soon. A bit of a change from East London but I like exploring new places.

I have been there a few times, most recently to help ‘catsit’ J’s sister’s cats.

I used to go there as a child when there was a skating rink. I don’t know the area too well but I think it is fairly near Brixton, ‘Rasta country’ so that will be interesting – cycling with drug addicts:-) It is the kind of place where you want to sit down for a sandwich and drug dealers keep trying to pester you, in other words, you never get any peace and you could be surrounded by ‘negative influences’.

In some ways it will be good as there are more things to do round there, its much more cultural than Leytonstone, but I do want to find a park where I get some peace so I can read a book in. I am not exactly the ‘atypical’ Streatham resident, am I?

What else? The choice of places to eat is good, lots of caribbean eateries but I will avoid the McDonalds as once they had a gunman going mad in there:-)

A few years ago, there was the Brixton riots.. good grief, what am I letting myself in for? I have heard that the area has improved somewhat.

I wouldn’t want to be out too long round there at night and the place could be dodgy for bikes and it may be surrounded by bike thieves.


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  1. Hiya, I’m about to embark on the production of a series about the social history of the bicycle for BBC Radio 4 and am looking for some female contributors to talk about cycling. I’m particularly interested in the part that cycling has played in radical politics from the suffragettes to the the broadening of working class horizons and eventually the green movement. Would have sent a private message but can’t see a way so had to join the blog –

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