Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction to collapse within 70 years

And What about our other flyovers and bridges?

I was on the Spaghetti Junction yesterday and now experts say that there has been a huge amount of traffic on it, and that it’s only designed to last another 70 years, after it was built in the early 70s.

Of course, they will say it will last that long, but I doubt it, with increasing cars and population, and bad weather, it may not last as long. I mean those concrete council estates didn’t last long did they?

It begs you to wonder how long our other London flyovers will last? Some of them also allow cyclists. And as you will see later, just who is building our flyovers and bridges? pa

In India parts of flyovers have collapsed and killed people,

“It was reported that a beam section weighing about 18 mt of the under-construction flyover collapsed on early hours of Tuesday.”

and other people were worried about a particular flyover in Malaysia, the MRR2 which had 7000cracks and was closed 3 times:-

“The Middle Ring Road (MRR2) flyover where fine cracks had appeared will not collapse, said Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Vehicles passing a section below the MRR2 flyover Monday. The Works Minister has given its assurance that the infrastructure is safe to use.

Assuring road users that the flyover was safe, Samy Vellu dismissed a report in a Malay daily that the flyover was “swinging” and “in its last stage of tolerance.”

“First of all, how can a flyover swing? If the flyover poses a danger to the public, do you think we are just going to watch it happen?” he asked at a press conference yesterday.”

Then a Sri Lanken news source ( collapsed flyovers made by a ‘blacklisted’ British construction company.

“A politician had handed over construction of seven flyovers to a blacklisted UK based company Mabey and Johnson and some of the bridges and flyovers built by this concern collapsed in several countries.

A steelwork structure supplied by Mabey and Johnson to an Italian company and erected in Ethiopia came down in its entirety in 1996.
And, similar bridge structures overseen by this UK-based company in Ghana have also given way, which further highlights with grave urgency, the questionable engineering competence of Mabey and Johnson.

Mabey and Johnson had bribed a top politician in this country into obtaining the contract for building the seven flyovers with three already completed in Peliyagoda, Nugegoda and Dehiwela – and another one to come up in Battaramulla shortly.

This British company has been already accused of influencing politicians and officials in Ghana between 1994 and 1999, to land bridge building or flyover deals.

During the same time documents proved beyond any doubt that Mabey and Johnson were implicated in a bribery and corruption scandal in Britain.

During the trial that ensued in UK, the firm in question had allegedly admitted conspiring to obtain contracts by bribing and influencing Ghanian politicians.

Therefore, Mabey had been fined by the Serious Fraud Office in UK 6.61 million for their corrupt deals.”

and Mabey & Johnson are still in existence in the UK –

and this is on their home page:

“The Mabey Group of Companies is a major British organisation which specialises in bridging, steel fabrication, plant hire and construction products.

The Group employs over one thousand people in around forty locations throughout the world, with an annual turnover of £100 million and over one hundred and fifty years experience in steel bridge building, the Group is one of the leading bridge suppliers in the world. ”

and this is one of the bridges they constructed in the UK:-

” Mabey Bridge – based in Chepstow, Monmouthshire. Their most notable product is the Mabey Logistic Support Bridge, originally developed for the British Army, and now used widely around the world. In January 2010, they purchased an 18acre site with an existing 32,140 square metres (346,000 sq ft) building which will be doubled in size in a £30m investment, to produce wind turbine towers.”

and they were also in talks to provide temporary bridging in Cumbria, after the Cockermouth floods.

Don’t councils do background checks on companies?

With the Tories cutting costs like nobody’s business, I would expect the construction industry to take shortcuts in everyway possible and of course.

and I will end this note from Facebook’s ‘I like’ application on Mabey and Johnson:-

“The Mabey Group has made regular donations to the local Conservative party in Wokingham. John Redwood, the Wokingham MP, was chairman of an associated investment company until March 2008.
Group companies”


2 responses to “Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction to collapse within 70 years

  1. That Spaghetti Junction thing is horrible should be dismantled,do they not realise that they are Promoting Car Dependancy and the more they build these things the Traffic is only going to keep increasing.

  2. We will probably have to replace them at huge expense, particularly if they suddenly collapse to the ground.

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