Borisbikes at Night

For several months I haven’t even been to London, missed the Boris bike debacle, and we now have Cameron and Clegg in Downing Street. So, for a long time, I haven’t even seen a real life, touch up close, borisbike – until yesterday evening.

One thing I noticed was that these Borisbikes have snatched the other bike racks. The station racks by Charing Cross have completely gone only to be replaced by Borisbikes.

Where are the station racks now? I have noticed that cyclists who used to park there now park on the rails nearby. The police advise us that we should park in proper cycle racks. When I bring my own bike, I will have to hunt down for a new bike rack. Surely they can’t pinch the original bike racks? Bloomin’ cheek. Bike racks ought to be ‘listed’. Give us our bike racks back!

I had a look at the borisbike rack by Victoria station and the screen was broken ie frozen. How useless is that? Then we went to the Charing Cross one which was working.

I was pleased to see that the bikes had both front and rear lights particularly now nights are drawing in. And the mudguard is bright in the dark. The borisbike bell seems to be pretty useless. The tyres, however, were chunky and rock hard.

I tried to sign up for a Borisbike online but I am not having any luck as tfl have to send me a email for my password. And so far, I haven’t received it yet.


One response to “Borisbikes at Night

  1. They did the same over here with our Bike Stands,Robbed Peter to pay Paul.

    In two areas of Dublin they removed some Bike Parking Stands to put in dublin .ie Public Bike Hire Parking Stands. People complained and they did not take any more for the Public Bike Hire. They said we would get extra Parking in 2010 but it still has not happened yet and the Year is just about over. We have our Public Bike Hire now since September a Year ago and it is very Popular,no Vandalism or Bikes Stolen ,they are Equiped with Lights and a decent sized Basket on the front.

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