Have a holiday in Britain

I went up to Lancashire for a few days to visit J’s mum and we went to Lake Windermere and Saltaire Mills in Yorkshire.

I went by National Express and we were nearly two hour’s late because of the traffic caused by so many motorists, road accidents and road works.

This is my journey to Preston along the M6, fun isn’t it? I am just glad that I was not doing the driving.

I videoed this on my way back from Preston, this is the M6 again. Every day it seemed to be bad.

The jams went on for miles and miles and they were so awful that our National Express driver took short cuts along A roads and even drove through service stations.

No wonder the Tories don’t want speedcameras, they don’t need them anymore in some parts of the motorway.

On the bright side and to control feral motorists, there were loads of 40mph speed restrictions – yes, 40mph and in some areas, the Highways had put ‘white chevrons’ on the roads encouraging them not to tailgate, which I have to say, appeared to work, lots of motorists were not tailgating and there was plenty of space. But as soon as the chevrons had gone, motorists forgot to think and began to tailgate. Even our coach driver was tailgating like mad.

3 responses to “Have a holiday in Britain

  1. All these Super Duper Motorway’s they are not really improving things are they ,just encouraging more and more Traffic on the Roads CAR DEPENDANT UK.

  2. I also had to arm myself with travel sickness pills and Bach’s rescue remedy for my trip to Preston. When you go by bike you don’t get car sick and you don’t have that ‘claustrophobic’ feeling. Though I had brought books and mags with me I hardly read them as I was too busy watching the antics of the coach driver, one of which, didn’t know the way.

  3. I never liked long Bus /Coach /Travel Journeys much they are very Uncomfortable preferring the Train instead except that Train Travel is more Expensive for some reason.

    There is not much being done to promote public Transport ,they are content to continue as they are with ever rising Traffic Jams,things are not working out anymore. There needs to be a Reduction in costs of Fares to make it more attractive for People to use Public Transport instead it just keeps going up.

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