Some pics I took on hols

This road is called The Struggle, really nasty when it snows. We did see a lone cyclist at the top. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of the cyclist and the car was going fast – another downside of being a passenger in a car, you can’t take photos where you want, you are at the mercy of the driver.

I wanted to see a few old mills and this one was recommended to me by J. Saltaire was owned by a wealthy wool merchant, Titus, and he
created housing for his employees, a vast mill, a church, a school and a hospital.

and this is Lake Windermere, in Cumbria

J’s mother took us round the area by car and we had a handful of ‘photographic stops’.

What was most remarkable about my trip ‘up north’ was the sheer lack of cyclists. I think in two days I just saw about four. I saw just one cyclist
in Birmingham, he was wearing Hi-Viz. I saw no female cyclists whatsoever. I don’t think they have even heard of cyclechic. Obviously there are bound to be more but I just didn’t see them. Cycle paths were few and far between. There loads of ugly car parks in the pretty northern towns. Rural areas in the north are clearly pro-motorist but we did see a few country buses going through the moors. I didn’t see any Advanced Stop Lines either. Even telephone boxes were few and far between and if you are a cyclist, how can you be sure your mobile has a signal in the middle of a moor?

3 responses to “Some pics I took on hols

  1. Lovely Pictures wish I was there Cycling through the Hills.

  2. Come to York – it’s a great place for cycling. Lots of cyclists, plenty of cycle lanes, advanced stop lines etc. The council tries quite hard to make it cycle friendly.

    And it’s very pretty!

  3. Oh that is good news. I haven’t been to York for about 15 years when I took part in the Yorvik Viking Festival. Sounds like there have been lots of changes. Do they have plenty of 20mph zones too?

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