I have surrendered my Driving Licence

My driving licence photo was to be renewed according to DVLA after 10 years, otherwise I could be ‘breaking the law’ and may be ‘charged £1000’.

On the form it said that I had to surrender my licence if I didn’t want to renew it and send in both parts. If I wanted to re-apply then I would have to re-do it, if not, pay £20 just to keep it going and keep DVLA rich.

They said if I wanted to surrender it, then I should provide a special document if I was doing it for medical reasons; there was no special form for any of us who wanted to surrender it for green, anti-obesity or that other motorists on roads were too dangerous issues, not to mention the financial drain of a having a car. It was assumed that you would want to renew.

The DVLA officer suggested I send a separate covering letter anyway and, on the letter, I mentioned that I was green and didn’t want to drive on the roads knowing there were loads of disqualified and uninsured motorists anymore. I also said there were 100-year-old motorists driving on motorways which didn’t make the prospect attractive. I could have mentioned that the likes of Jeremy Clarkson is on the roads too.

The only use for the licence is for ID (or even toilet paper) but I have my passport and home insurance documents, that’s normally sufficient enough even for a bank.

I also had the added satisfaction that DVLA will not longer be getting a lump of my money:-)


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