I’m staying in Today

I was going to go to the Museum of London today to check out the Roman and Middle Ages exhibits but unfortunately I don’t feel that well and I thought it would be better to stay in the warmth. I don’t think that tramping round London in wet weather and hanging round cold train stations would be a good idea. I have had to let J know that I can’t come out to see him later and naturally he is a bit sad about that. It is a bit annoying as I was looking forward to it.

Anyway, so I will be spending the day at home, not going out shopping or anything and will have to rely on what I have left in the larder, which isn’t much as I haven’t been shopping for ages, particularly with me going Up North a few days ago. I know I have some pasta left and some basics, but it’s not that exciting!

I am going to take it easy and try to finish up my book on the Middle Ages.

My own town has a lot of Middle Ages History, a castle and another nearby town, took part in the Peasants Revolt. It shows you how the poor were affected round here, surrounded by greedy rich bastards. Unfortunately, my own family were generally of the Norman Greedy Rich Bastards variety, some of us having castles. I think in those days, it was the done thing to be greedy and dastardly. I mean even the Church were bloody greedy, indeed they were, and are, some of the richest landowners. I suppose you had to be wealthy to survive in those days. In fact, much of Britain was taken by such power-crazed people, the Church not being much better as they tried to take over the Holy Land with their crusades.

The plague came in 1349. I do know that some of my family died from it, some in East London and some in the North of England. I am not clear which ones died in the 1349 one, as I am not sure whether they had Death Certificates at that time but I know some died in the Second Bubonic Plague. It hit rich and poor.

Right now I am reading about Lady Godiva and how she had to ride through Coventry supposedly naked (historians say she may have worn a shift, a kind of Middle Ages form of underwear, in order that her husband, Leofric, wouldn’t inflict such heavy taxes on his tenants. Incidedently, they gave St Paul’s Cathedral a gold-fringed chasuble, a kind of religious embroidered poncho, a vestment. I didn’t know that she had a link to that place, apparently they were great benefactors.

The Lady Godiva Clock in Coventry, with Peeping Tom coming out afterwards. It is still there. It reminds me of the Swiss Centre clock in London, which unfortunately has gone.

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