I had to get more lights

Unfortunately I have finally lost the set of wonderful bike lights that J gave me (he doesn’t know it yet).

I have had a good hunt for them tonigh but no luck. Even my solar-powered Pedalites have gone AWOL but I think they are in a cupboard somewhere. I suspect they are hidden in my multitude of bags or they could have slipped out and could be anywhere.

I think I really need to make some kind of bike light bag that I can clip on to my pannier so that I know my bike lights are in there otherwise this sort of thing will happen time and time again!

So I’ve spent some time this evening buying some new lights. I bought 2 sets of front and rear lights. One set will be Knogs as that means I can easily put them on my other bike in case my commuting bike has a puncture or I just fancy using my other bike. I don’t really want to faff around with screwdrivers early in the morning.

I’ve been using useless Halogen lights in the meantime and I spent most of the time walking home as I can’t cycle with them as they are so dim. Enough is a enough!

One response to “I had to get more lights

  1. If you could get a Wheel with a Hub Dynamo with the front and Rear Lights it would save you Money on Buying Batteries and spare Lights all the time.

    It is expensive to buy but worth it in the long run ,around a £100 at least.

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