Jon Snow &’Poppy Fascism’

Cyclist & newspresenter Jon Snow got a pasting from his critics about not wearing a poppy on the telly:

“Jon Snow says he will not wear any symbols on air

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow has sparked controversy by refusing to wear a Remembrance Day poppy on air in protest at “poppy fascism”.

“Writing on a Channel 4 blog, Mr Snow admitted the absence of a poppy on his lapel had prompted viewer complaints.

He said he respected the armed forces and wore a poppy off-air but did not believe in wearing symbols on air.

Veteran broadcaster John Humphrys said the poppy was a sign of respect and Mr Snow had “missed the point, entirely”.

However, the Royal British Legion said wearing a poppy was a voluntary gesture and Snow was entitled to his opinion.

There is a rather unpleasant breed of poppy fascism out there – ‘He damned well must wear a poppy!’
Jon Snow”

Like Snow, I agree, the forces fought for our freedom.

It was inevitable that the media homed in on Snow.

I was noticing this earlier as a rash of TV presenters suddenly wore a poppy. It is more about corporate PR than personal individuality. I bet they even have to put it on a certain side!

I think it is very important to have a mind of one’s own, some of the greatest people did such as Socrates and George Orwell. Conservatives just want to bully people to their way of thinking.

However, I do want to remember them. And I still can do that in my heart, I don’t need a red poppy to tell everyone, I can be left to my own thoughts and visit memorials throughout the year, not just for one day.

I also want to remember how young they were, and how the Goverment often ‘forced them’ to fight. Will we remember the men that the Government shot for going AWOL in the war?

Then of course I want to remember those killed in ‘friendly fire’, and think about the stories of Governments covering this up.

And of course the civilians that inconveniently got in the way, including the animals too that got slaughtered, even zoo animals in some cases.

I am going to see if I can get a white poppy. Peace is much better option. If I had to ‘make a statement, it would be about that.

This is where I got them from:

I would really like to see some white poppy wreaths on Rememberance Sunday especially in Kent where lots of people seem to want to ‘think the same’.


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