Improvements to the Bike Shop

I ended up going to the bike shop I normally avoid even though they tend to ‘rip me off’ (I was desperate) but they now have a new manager who has really improved things. Things are still expensive but there is much more variety now and it is more about ‘what the customer wants’. That means there is much more commuter stuff and better stuff for the ‘winter cyclist’.

There are more ladies clothes, and even pretty ladies baskets like you see in London and the whole look of the shop is much more attractive and friendly and doesn’t look so much like a ‘bloke’s bike garage’.

They even had some new Knog lights that are supposed to be far more waterproof than the usual ones they made.. and I did buy set for my wheels – which set me back a bit but they will last.

Afterwards I went to a cafe nearby to get out of the rain and did some sketching. I tried to draw a picture of J so that he looked more 3D and I am pleased to say, it was much better than my attempt at the weekend, even though it does look ‘like someone else’.


One response to “Improvements to the Bike Shop

  1. They do not think do they, not everybody wears Lycra. Most People feel more comfortable in ordinary Clothes unless they are on a long Spin in the Countryside .

    They have not caught on to normal Cycling their mind is Fixated on the Sportif Cyclist and do not realise that there is Commuter and City Cyclists who just prefer ordinary Clothes. I like Cycling Clothes that does not look like Cycling Clothes and for most of the time I just wear ordinary Clothes. My Cycling Jacket is a Goretex Hiking Jacket in Red and unless I am on a Spin in the Countryside I just wear ordinary Trousers.

    They should sell Fashionable Clothes but with a Hidden Reflector Strip that only Shines at Night. A Jacket possibly in Brown or Black or Red that is like a normal City Jacket but with a Reflector Strip. There is a Company Selling these type already but they are very Dear to buy.

    Some Shops are beginning to catch on but it is still very slow,if you go in to any Bike Shop you are Surrounded with the Sportif Stuff and perhaps a few Baskets and some Ladies Panniers but they might only have these occasionally and certainly no Stylish Clothing.

    I believe there is a Market there for Stylish Clothing if only the Shops will take it up and some Designers.

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