I had another puncture and so I had to faff round at the end of the day trying to fix it. It took me a lot longer than usual (probably as I was feeling impatient!). It was especially annoying as there were loads of traffic jams on the way back home and I like to gloat by cycling past them instead I had to walk. I suppose that’s karma for me!

On another point, nothing to do with cycling, but the recent news. I was interested to see the riot/protest going on in the Tory HQ. I think the Coalition really had this coming. The Government had completely underestimated how angry people are. They are on a different planet. The Coalition is robbing people of their futures, and there aren’t even enough jobs to go round to even think of a future. Having a debt round your neck for years on end and perhaps not being able to afford a house, is bloody ridiculous.

There were hardly any police about. What a farce. A shortage of police is bound to happen with the police cuts in the future so it may mean more protests like this and really nasty ones too. It will be so easy to riot in the future.

The thing is, if it was a quiet protest, nothing would be in the papers. The news made big headlines. It is a ‘media’ success. In this country, if you are angry, you have to smash ‘iconic’ things up. Some of the things they did was funny, though hurting police officers, even if they can be ‘Government puppets’ isn’t exactly a good idea, after all, sometimes they do some good stuff for us. The Government wants ‘softly softy’ but people are so angry now, it just won’t work.

I wish the same sort of thing would happen about in road safety. We have crap laws and too many fatalities. Trust people to riot over money.


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