My bike commute

On the first day of the snow, I cycled. It was just a few inches so it was ok. The next day it was about 10! There was no way I could cycle in that so I walked and that was ‘interesting’.

It was weird walking in such deep snow. Fortunately I had just bought some new boots so I didn’t fall, the boots certainly were great investment.

Unlike the media ranting on about motorists abandoning their cars and people getting stuck in trains, I was ok, my workplace was run by local people, people who lived at the workplace and those who cycled. If the place was run by motorists, the place would close.

Motorists who wanted a ‘posh pad’ in the country,just couldn’t get to work, even though, they could have walked, but let’s face it, motorists think they can’t even walk a mile to the shops and think five miles to work is impossible. Motorists are lazy.

My neighbours have fancy sports cars and the whole driveway was covered in thick snow. They were completely stuck for several days. A few of them have 4x4s but even they didn’t venture out.

A dog walker said hello. That was nice (that’s more than you get with cyclists who generally ignore you!). We were the only people on the road at 6.30am. It was all very nice and quiet without the droaning motor cars.

Some ramblers ‘led the way’ in the snow. They seemed to be in their element, some were carrying walking sticks from the camping shop. I think I am going to get one of those.


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