Last Minute Christmas Shopping

This maybe the first time ever that I won’t be buying any wrapping paper. It feels weird.

For some people I will get vouchers – in fact, there are some good ones that the Post Office do ‘for several shops’, so there is something for everyone. Fortunately these people I am giving them to like vouchers, so I won’t get the ‘sulk’ treatment. It’s weird also, that I won’t be lugging any large shopping bags around and trying to balance them on my bike, or forgetting things like selotape. And no need to shop at Bluewater and fight my way there. Then I bought stuff online, and hopefully the gifts will arrive by Saturday. Some of these places have deadines and one of them was today.

I bought a National Trust membership for my photographer brother, this will keep him amused for 12 months, and it will save him a lot of money too. National Trust properties are very expensive to get in.

Then I gave J a tea for 2 at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, we both like architecture and both of us haven’t been there. It also includes a tour. We are both very partial to teas and cream teas. Then I gave him a personalised Romeo & Juliet book, and we chucked in our names as Romeo & Juliet and included some Conservative politicians, a comedian, some Carry On stars and pompous Prince Andrew! I thought Prince Andrew would be a good Count Paris.

Tomorrow I just need to get some Post Office Vouchers and really that’s it.


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