Le Weekend

I went to J’s new pad in Peckham which is just a short walk from the station. It was a nice walk going past the Caribbean groceries and women having their hair done at the many Salons.

We had just been to St Paul’s Cathedral where they had a choir with harps. There was a massive queue at 4.30pm for the recital at 5pm and we wondered whether we would get in.

Well, we did and it was very good, lovely architecture although it was a bit annoying to be behind a couple snogging:-)

Some of the songs were done in latin, and being interested in old stuff, I really liked it.

We had a meal at lunchtime to celebrate Christmas (even though we aren’t Christian!) although we couldn’t get a Christmas meal as we would have to book it. Instead we went to another restaurant in Covent Garden and had a delicious risotto and creme brulee. However, we discovered that the waitress didn’t get all the tip and she said that the company had the rest. (We are going to take this up with trading standards) and she got less than half. Instead we gave her cash directly.

The next day we hiked to the Hornimum Museum which was quite a long trudge (particularly in my boots).

Here’s a cafe we saw in East Dulwich, with some great recycled-plate frontage:-

Freezing pond in Peckham

Walking past the Legal Bookshop along Fleet Street, saw this cute little owl.

The Secret Garden in the park in Peckham Rye, and below the Horniman Museum

An ‘old’ sweetshop in Covent Garden, where most of the customers seemed to be adults. We bought some sherbert in there.

A crap cycle path.. I wonder if they got CTC approval for this?

No anti-social men on scooters – Horniman Gardens

A lovely little cafe in East Dulwich, where they even sold ‘The Chap’ magazine, you can imagine the Tweed crowd coming here.


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