How to get out of the Christmas Party

I am not a huge party fan, well, I don’t really like being stuck with colleagues and all their gossiping, boring conversations and drunkeness. I am a close friend/one to one type person. And after work, I don’t really mix with my colleagues, well, only on a superficial front ie some of them like photography. I quite like intense, deep conversations and christmas parties just aren’t the right place, small talk just isn’t me!

Unfortunately, in a weak moment, I said ‘Yes’, after originally saying ‘No’ and already the hassle of it (finding a dress, buy a Secret Santa gift for a colleague that may not be a ‘buddy’ anyway) is a right pain when I could be doing something more constructive or more interesting. And already I am getting physical headaches of dread.

Work colleagues can’t bear to contemplate that some people hate work parties. I even have a ‘job’ going to Green Party/Cyclist’s parties. I just get very bored and start clock watching almost immediately:-) Everyone, it seems, has to go to parties. Well, there is no law!

Of course I will get the ‘aftereffects’ – oh you missed a great party and that kind of stuff. It could be tempting to say, ‘well, I had an even better time.”. “You were missed”, is another one they will try and plonk on you.

Nope, I am going to try and get out of this!

Here are my ideas:

1) Sorry, parties are not my thing (nothing wrong with being honest)

2) Sorry can’t make it (no explanation). As I have said Yes, already, I don’t think I can say this

3) My bf has invited me to a play (this won’t work for me as they know he is supposed to be coming)

4) Weather -hopefully it will be bad weather, ie snow!

5) Sorry, it goes against my religion and think of some spiel that goes with it

6) Lastminute ones are generally less ‘believeable’ ie my son is sick.

Tweeters have suggested:

double book with a last minute treat, tickets from some relative to a play that they already bought and you can’t change..?

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