The Snow is Baaaak!

It was freezing and it was inevitable that were going to have more snow again. On the way back home in the evening blizzard people started talking to each other ‘It’s gone mad” and ‘the BBC weather forecast said it was not snowing!’

I stocked up earlier on more dried food, bread mix and even remembered the dried skimmed milk.

Now I just need stuff for power cuts, just in case, any ideas anyone?!


2 responses to “The Snow is Baaaak!

  1. In Dublin we are lucky so far no Snow but it is Creeping back to us bit by bit. It started in Donegal in the Nth Yesterday then Crept down to the West then the Midlands and is approaching Dublin and should be Hitting us this Evening.It is already Freezing Cold at Night and the Temperature is not rising much in the Daytime beyond 1 Degree Celsius.
    My Drain was blocked for a Week due to the other big Freeze and having failed to Unblock it I had to get a Professional Drain Company in to do the Job,the Back Porch was Swimming in Water. I was not able to use the Washing Machine for a Week because of it.

    I have an Oil Lamp, A Gelert Wind up Camping Lantern The large type, Candles ,for Emergency Lighting and Two Solar Powered Radio’s,one is a small little Radio and the other is large.

  2. Sorry I forgot about Cooking, I have a Trangia Camping Alcohol Stove that you use Methylated Spirits as a Fuel,these Stoves are very simple to use. They Reckon you can Cook for a Week with a 500ml Bottle of Meths but if you were relying on this only I would say you needed more than this so get a Litre Bottle.

    I also have an Camping MSR XGK Multi Fuel Stove that can use any Oil like Petrol or Lamp Oil. The only thing to Remember with these Stoves is you need good Ventilation . The Trangia is not bad but if you were using Petrol in the MSR then you will need good Ventilation.

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