A Christmas Puncture

Oh great!

I haven’t got much time to fix it this week but anyway, I will be walking to work anyway. There’s supposed to be even more snow tonight. I am actually enjoying my commute to work, every day has been ‘different’.


One response to “A Christmas Puncture

  1. Unless you have got Thick Knobbly Tyres on your Bike forget it you are just wasting your time trying to travel by Bicycle in the Snowy Conditions.

    I got caught on Monday coming Home from the Supermarket when the Snow came down and I had a fall but got up and continued for twenty metres but got off and walked to the main Road then Cycled to my Estate then had to walk the rest of the way . You have to keep out about 2 Metres from the Path to escape the worse of the Ice and Snow but then you are in a Battle not to get Hit by the Cars. It is Mad out there at the moment not much moving at all. You are better off on Shanksmare preferably with Snow Shoes if you have them.

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