Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to everyone.

We had no turkey until 5pm today due to the snow problems but my mother has managed to get one. It was going to be ‘chicken legs’ for Christmas and we couldn’t even get any goose either.

My mother has dropped a whole load of food, including salami, cheese, liquor chocolates and fruit which I am now working my way through. And, I have spotted a ‘cycling type present’ in one of the bags.

I finished work at 3pm and I am all set for a long holiday (well, five days).

Just one of my presents hasn’t arrived yet, but my brother who lives opposite me seems to have got some of my post.


2 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. I was OK due to Living only 3 Miles from the City of Dublin and a choice of a load of Supermarkets within a Radius of 3Miles ,two being only 1 1/2 miles away so no problem getting a small Turkey and Ham plus all the rest of it. Roads are very bad over here but there is a Thaw coming on St Stephens Day.

    So you are helping yourself to the Goodies,The Chocolates or the Salami or Cheese ,with me it would probably be the Fruit Cheese and Salami. I gave up trying to Cycle and Shanksmare instead in my Hiking Boots with Overtrousers to keep Warm.

    I will be waiting for this Icy Snow to Melt then I will be off on my Bike. I must try and get Thick Knobbly Tyres for Wintery conditions badly neded.

    Happy Christmas,dont eat to many Chockkies.

  2. I got too many choccies at Christmas.

    I had to throw away the salami as it was awful, rather like gammon or rubber.

    The snow is busy thawing but I have been told more snow will come!

    I need to fix my puncture today so I can get my hybrid out again.

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