Monthly Archives: March 2011

Channel 4 reporter & cyclist Jon Snow in Sendai, Japan

Just getting some tweets coming in from him:

“Very nasty after shock 20.33 local (11.33 London) building I’m in wobbled and swayed..bad news for the two reactors 60 odd miles South
11 minutes ago”

Am in Sendai too close to nuke reactor for comfort..meltdown appears real..conditions terrible and yet large parts up here utterly untouched
16 minutes ago via web

Visit to the Thames Barrier

I went to see the Thames Barrier because it is a great feat of engineering. (This was last week).

They have various days when you can see the Barrier in progress.

We were told that the waters round the world were rising, that the Government is desperately erecting more flood barriers and because of the ice caps melting, Britain is in fact ‘sinking’.

I asked about earthquakes but they said it was more designed for tidal flooding than earthquakes ‘because we don’t get big ones over here’.

They said that it has high security because it is is a high terrorist target.

Ten minutes walk away from a stabbing!

I was in Peckham Library yesterday on Twitter when I heard about a stabbing round the corner from me along Queens Road.

After the warning on Twitter I didn’t venture out, until later when the ambulances came out.

Apparently a 15-year-old boy got stabbed.

All this happened on a sunny day in broad day light, it is a shame that some people in Peckham spoil it for others.

There were loads of people milling around including a celebrity from Emerdale who was opening a new (do they need a another one) poundshop.