Monthly Archives: April 2011

Anti-pollution cleansers

Because I cycle a lot my face gets covered in pollution, so I am looking for a good anti-pollution cleanser, so far I found Almay (sensitive) cleanser which is excellent (it cleans and it also has moisturiser which leaves your skin soft) and Superdrug facial scrub which is great for cleansing but it leaves the skin rather dry. I think I can put up with the Almay one but there may be other good ones on the market.

Handmade Cycling Apparel in London!

I was very pleased to see on Twitter that there’s a place selling British Made Cycling clothes in East Dulwich “Velodog” (on twitter ‘velodogworld’)

I’ve just had a look at my cycling clothes and already the pink cycling jacket I bought from Halfords, is machine made and ‘Made in China’.

I think it is very important to support local manufacture where possible and I will be targeting cycling organisations to see if they stock locally or British made items.

The Cuts

Though I agree that we have to make some cuts I am not happy with too many cuts being made in policing, the NHS and local radio.

I have been making my views known on Twitter on the BBC London Vanessa Feltz show. I think local radio is very important in bringing lonely people together, and informing people of charity events and important issues such as road safety, particularly in these so-called ‘Big Society’ times. I have asked the Mayor of London for his comments but have had no reply.

A few of my friends were out marching against the cuts but I was at work but took part in the Armchair Facebook site so I wouldn’t miss out!

Stabbing in Peckham

I was in the library in Peckham recently and someone had been stabbed again nearby in broad daylight. It was done about 11am in the morning.

I was lucky to have been warned by Twitter than a knifeman was on the loose.