Monthly Archives: June 2011

Bike gets a respray!

I got a bit fed up with the colour of my bike so I have brightened it with lashings of blue paint and added loads of buttons which makes it stand out from the other bikes. It looks like a fun commuter bike as opposed to a shopper bike.


Been away!

I have been away doing other bits for a few months, had the odd family crisis thrown in so, to be quite frank haven’t been in the mood for writing.

Even now my boss at work says there may need to be cutbacks because of the recession and some staff are losing hours and I may need to work a 48 day hour week, even though this takes me below the Minimum Wage (and they can face proscecution). So things are hairy and once again I may have to look for another job.This is going to be so difficult in the current climate.

In the meantime I have had some successes. I have started writing for a women’s magazine and some people have bought one of my photographs and textiles pictures, so one door closes and another opens. So I need to expand on writing and art which I like best anyway.