Go Bradley Go!

I have been watching with baited breath Bradley Wiggin’s performance in the 2012 Tour de France. Should he win,which is very likely, the British* media will finally get that we Brits are good at cycling, enjoy cycing and that cycling is now * our* sport, a sport we are actually good at, unlike Engish football, which we only won in 1966 and Wimbledon, where the men haven’t won a final in decades.

Slowly but surely, we have won Gold in the Olympics in cycling and now, with luck and stamina, Le Tour de France. We need to get the public around the winners, rather than the losers all the time.

Now, it isn’t it about. time we had more media attention in the Sports Pages and television coverage on cycling.. We are slowly getting there. In fact there are programmes on cyciing on ITV1 on Monday evenings.. Cycling has come along way.  The tide has turned in the large decade.

I look forward to seeing Bradley in the commercials, that must mean he ‘has it made it’ in the media, as long as he doesn’t sink so low like the footballer Gary Linaker who advertised junk crisps. Cyclists could encourage the masses to get healthy, and off their football airchairs.



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