Well done to Team GB Lizzie Armistead who wins Silver


So far the women cyclists are doing better than the men. Brilliant! And they had crap weather too (we were caught in the thunder and lightening  when we’re were playing tennis around the same time in South London. We did think about the women cyclists as we hid under a shop front door. 

I was shocked, and bemused about the lack of marshalls in road races. It doesn’t make any sense. It is so dangerous if people are all over the road without anyone keeping them back. As a cycling fan, it really was pretty stupid. I am glad Mark Cavendish commented on that. It is pretty basic!


Great to see Bradley opening the Olympics with the Giant Bell.

Danny Boyle did a great job. The Opening Ceremony was fantastic. I particularly liked the Queen bit with the funny corgis, the countryside scene with the shire horses, Elgar, the Flame at the end and the Olympic Rain Fireworks. I did think the NHS bit went a bit on and was a bit cringeworthy sentimental. I also liked Palestine being involved and arab women who actually took part for the first time.

I can’t believe so many seats were left unfilled. We couldn’t get tickets! They should have sold them at the gates. This is a bit of a farce. There were huge gaps.

We watched the Tower Bridge Fireworks at 9.45pm on the Friday’s Opening Ceremony and saw this speed boat zip under it. We didn’t know who was on it as there was no commentary by City Hall. It was only when we looked on iplayer later, we saw that it was Beckham, who comes from Leytonstone (once we went to see where he used to live).

So far the only interesting person in the Olympics is Bradley Wiggins, the rest seem to be somewhat dull and self -obsessed. I wonder if cycling or, doing the same sport all the time, makes people ridgedly boring. They can be so serious too, which adds to their dullness. I don’t think I myself could stand doing sport all the time, I would need a variety but there is only so much you can say about winning or losing something!

I see that Critical Mass appeared at the Olympic Park but apparently some got arrested. Oh dear!


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