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Critical Mass

I was up in London today hoping to go to Critical Mass but I was absolutely soaked from trekking through London throughout the day – AND my new umbrella broke, which didn’t exactly help my mood.  I had a lot of plans I wanted to do today but when you are drenched, you just wanna get home and dry!

I didn’t have anything to wear under my cycle helmet too to protect my hair and so I didn’t want it to get any worse than it already was.  I think ‘Angelina Jolie’ would done the same!

However I came back home and noticed that the track racing was on BBC today. Both women and men’s events. This was a big shock for me as I’ve never seen cycling on BBC unless it’s the Le Tour de France. It was really good to see although once the Olympics goes, ‘I bet that will be the last of British cycling on BBC for a few years’.

Anyway, it was good to see what the Manchester velodrome looked like.. something we desperately need in the South…. an indoor one. I’m so jealous! It was also good to learn about our own riders and seeing ‘our international cyclists’ in action. They looked really good on TV, although on TV you can’t always tell the difference between the men and women cyclists sometimes.. I still think women should wear skorts, though I don’t know how this would affect their performance but some women ‘have bums that look big’ so a skort would be more ‘discreet’.. and ‘stylish’.   

One thing I noticed at the track event that I thought was curious.. firstly that we have an actual Royal in the audience but Prince Edward? I wonder when he last cycled and whether he actually likes cycling? I hope he wasn’t too bored. At least with Princess Anne she knows a lot about the stuff she gets ‘roped in’ and can be very knowledgeable. Prince Edward probably got roped into this because ‘all the other Royals were busy’. Still it is good to get Royals involved in it.. as it means ‘more media coverage’ for the support. 

Another thing I noticed about the women’s track cycling was that there was a British woman cyclist who was ‘bald’, either because she suffers from alopecia or perhaps another illness. I admired her for not bothering to wear a wig and being successful as a track cyclist. I think she is a great example to other women. ‘We should be accepted for our achievements’.  

 When the weather is terrible, we do need indoor velodromes. I wonder what the LCC or other cycling organisations such as the CTC are doing about this? Maybe I should get in contact with them. 

Saying that, the news still is that the cyclist athletes are still bent on cycling in Beijing which I am ‘outraged’ about of course.

Aldermaston Bike Block & Aldermaston Peace Camp

I was really pleased to read in The Times today of the demonstrations at Aldermaston, apparently over 5000 protesters turned up from London and the rest of the country.  I was very surprised that the paper actually reported it. If I can find any photos of the bike block I will upload it.

Another quote from the site about Easter Monday:- 

Between three and five thousand people came to Aldermaston on Easter Monday to celebrate CND’s 50th anniversary and say “the bomb stops here”.

With huge crowds at every gate, shortly after two o clock AWE Aldermaston was – almost completely – encircled and the fence surrounded in the biggest protest at AWE since the 1960s.

AWPC made a happy return to Falcongate where we were joined by WILPF and Women in Black and Raised Voices, as well as many women who’d been to camp over the years and loads of other visitors. A special thanks to those who brought their underwear to decorate the fence, to join AWPC in saying “knickers to the bylaws”.


 Maybe Critical Mass can pull of a similar stunt? 4x4s are ‘Pants’ perhaps!

Bicycle Demos in the UK

I like this website. There are varied demos (also internationally) and you can keep up to date as to what’s happening. Check your calender and see if you can come along to the events and ‘use your bicycle’ to good use… though ‘follow the police rules’, you may not be allowed to cycle ‘outside protesting areas though’. (What a bore!). When you walk in these protests, you have to remember that you may have to walk back or put up with the tube, it’s sometimes a lot easier to take your  bike to these demos… I’m going to look forward to seeing any cyclists taking part. 

Cyclists in solidarity!