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Twittering – Just come back from Critical Mass London


Velochick: About 300 or so turned up. It seemed to get bigger!
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Velochick: Very pleased to see that the CM cyclists were polite to motorists and said ‘thanks’ a lot. I was impressed w the courteous cyclists.
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Velochick:Occasional motorists complaining about CM holding up traffic to let us through but no police presence as they used to do that.
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Velochick:Some motorists seemed to cheer us outside Downing Street.
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Velochick:Police only attended some kind of mayhem outside Waterloo Stn. Not sure what that was about but nothing to do with CM!
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Velochick:Just come back from Critical Mass – Southbank, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square then off along the Embankment to Farringdon. Had to leave early to head for Southbank to meet J fresh from a Retreat. Don’t know where they went after that.

Anti Pollution Mask

I’ve finally bought one for £29.00. I think it looks quite cool oddly enough but with ‘helmet and lycra’. It’s a job trying to wear one in town in ladies cycle commuting clothes. I mean it just clashes with the outfit even though wearing one is a good idea in London!

When I went to the cycle shop yesterday they said they had many people suddenly asking for them. Althoughing considering how bad the pollution is in towns one would have thought that parents who are ‘supposed to be looking after them properly, should encourage kids to wear them. Now, has anyone spotted a single child in a pollution mask? Should they be made compulsory in towns in view of the respiratory illnesses that happen.

Also pollution masks are taxed and this doesn’t make sense. It is up to the Government to tackle the problem properly. Maybe Critical Mass can write placards about this.



The Guitar Bicycle – This made my Day

Didi Senft, a cycling fan, made a his ‘guitar bicycle’ in Strokow, Germany which he actually made himself. It looks fabulous for a Critical Mass event.  At least no bus driver, would say he can’t see him. Actually, come to think of it, they probably will!

Questions Questions…I wonder what it is like to ride  and whether it is actually legal considering it doesn’t seem that he can see clearly round him. I wonder what it is like going downhill and has he has a crash in it yet, and how on earth he parks it in a supermarket cycle rack?!

I bet he really p++ses of motorists too.



This pic has to go in my cycling scrapbook.


Denmark opposes boycott of Beijing Games + Cyclists in Chinese Pollution


 From the Xinhua News Agency 2 April.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said his government opposes a boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games, reports from Copenhagen said Tuesday.

Representatives of Denmark’s royal family and government will attend the event in August, Rasmussen said in a written reply to some Danish lawmakers’ inquiries.

“Sports must not be confused with politics,” he said, adding that Denmark should send official delegates to Beijing in support of its athletes’ participation in the Olympics.

Earlier, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller also said the government opposes a boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games.

“It is erroneous to threaten to boycott the Olympics,” he told reporters earlier when attending a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Slovenia


 The Government of Denmark may not want to boycott the Games, but athletes have a mind of their own. I like to think that more informed international cyclists protest against the Chinese Government like Thor did, who’s riding for France.

One of the letters in ‘The Times’  said today that maybe we could create an ‘alternative Olympics elsewhere’ somewhere where the country is more humanitarian’ (and (I add) less polluted).  

Now here’s  a  photo of intrepid cyclists pedaling through ‘a spot of pollution in China’ and our professional cyclists, with their powerful lungs and healthy lifestyle, have to breathe in this type of gunk.

If our cyclists want that, well, that is their choice. They probably don’t know how bad it is as they are surrounded by ‘yes/PR men’. I mean most of the cycling magazines never mention rubbish respiratory conditions. As an endurance cyclist myself, sod that for a lark, I prefer a longer life; a cyclist’s life is pretty damm short as it is in London with all the taxi drivers, as we all know in Critical Mass!

So all you professional cyclists out there, take a Gas Mask with you if you want to see your retirement days.

I have also put this site on my Favourite Links on the right.

Now, dare our ‘censored’ British Cycling magazines print such a picture?

Thanks to the Guardian for this photo.

Today’s Cycling News

I’ve just read on a council website that Finsbury Council, in London, pressurised by European Health & Safety Regulations, will spend up to £1.5 million on extra staff and brooms to sweep up the city’s cycle paths off ‘dangerous rubbish’ that could cause punctures and accidents to London’s cyclists and those who take part in London’s charity rides or large  rides such in Critical Mass.

 One of the cyclists from The Finsbury Wheelers, thought the council ‘was barking’ but ‘at least they’re doing something for us cyclists at long last’.  Sam M, a bike messenger, said ‘they should sort them flamin’  potholes out first’.

A Finsbury Council spokewoman, Brenda Ling, said ‘we take our responsibility to cyclists very seriously and no doubt other London Councils will follow. If anyone wants to report any potholes, we should be happy to look into this.’

 More on this article on

Brilliant! Critical Mass outside The Chinese Embassy

Quote from Critical Mass London:

A good turnout despite the weather. On the approach to Parliament Square a sound system managed to keep playing but was silenced by police under SOCPA legislation, within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament. There followed a slow ride with lots of stopping and foot to the ground but happy neverthless. Outside the Chinese Embassy our cycle police formed a protective barrier to ensurer the occupants would not be upset. Guess whose side they are on. It seems that the fully armed copper there might not provide enough of a deterrent to a bunch of unarmed cyclists.

The ride continued and was last seen disappearing up Old Street.


What an excellent place to go. What will British Cycling say? Nothing. They will not mention it on their website.

I’ve just written under the forums in pro-Olympic ‘Cycling Weekly’ and mentioned that Critical Mass have cycled yesterday to the Chinese Embassy in Protest.  I have also added a poll about whether or not our British Cyclists are right in participating.

That may ruffle a few feathers.

You can voice your views too on and Click Forums and News

Well done to CM.

A list of car dealerships in the UK