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Email from the Driving Instructor Association

This email is in response to the appalling state of driving by motorists who were supposed to be fit for driving as they had ‘passed’ their test. I said that they were still unfit for the roads. I said they were, in fact, worse than beginners.

“Thank you for your email of 20.12.08. Apologies for the delay in replying, I have just returned after the Christmas break and catching up.

Driving instruction and the Driving Test both teach and promote safe and considerate driving to all road users. Under current legislation, once you have passed the Driving Test there is no further training or testing. This is an issue that we, together with other transport agencies are working on.Unfortunately, until further driving education is introduced and made mandatory, there are no further tests on your driving ability.

We will continue to work towards this and hope that this will help to
improve driving standards.

Thank you again for your comments.

Yours sincerely

Simon N Grater
Operations Manager
Driving Instructor Association”

Because of the extremely poor standards of the driving and all the deaths these people are causing, I think it is essential that all motorists have regular driving tests throughout their whole life. Ideally, every five years because they’re so sloppy.

Some Good News – Possible Disciplinary Action for a Lorry Driver

Letter from Euromix – The Concrete People (remember when I saw a Concrete Mixer) using a cycle space at traffic lights.

“Dear Velochick:-

Thank you for your e-mail sent on 16/10/2008. Euromix Concrete takes road safety very seriously and all our drivers are trained and aware of there obligations regarding the Highway Code. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to forward your photographs of the incident to us. If we feel the driver has not followed the Highway Code then disciplinary action will be taken. I would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.


This is excellent news. So, I will send a copy of my photograph (with Reg No). So cyclists, who see lorry drivers must get the reg number, time, details of the driver, date etc and send a photovideo etc to the company. After all, hit lorry drivers in their pocket if they do something wrong! Sometimes their own employers are more effective than the English legal system! At least something may be done.

Kind Regards