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Goodbye Cycling Powervest

Well I used it at night but unfortunately one of the wires came out, so it is ‘b+ggered’! As a Tip, make sure you put the battery safetly in the pocket.. otherwise the wires stretch. Now I have to get a new one, but I will get one which has more lights.

Shame eh.

Powervest – one person wants to buy one

My colleague wanted to buy one and she asked me to get it.

However, she hasn’t coughed up the money yet though! I can’t really get it without that.

Other people I have shown the vest to, love it.

Cycling Fashion

I was pleased to see in the London Cyclist a two page-spread of Urban Cycling Fashion .. without all that lycra! About time too.  I think Fashion really got has to improve.

I haven’t haven’t been updating this blog lately mostly as I have been writing cycling articles on a website elsewhere. It’s actually been quite successful and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. Even more importantly, I think I’ve encouraged ‘slothful’ Americans to get off their vehicles onto bicycles. Ha!  I have never cycled in the US, ironically, but maybe one day I would like to. It would be interesting to compare the US with Britain. Maybe when I am rich and retired I can afford to do that!

I have now over 4000 people listening to my podcast ‘Tales from the Gutter’ which is still very weird. Even though it feels like I am the only person who cycles round here, I have more cycling listeners round me than cyclists!

Boris J has been in London for a while but from a cyclist point of view, I haven’t noticed anything different. I believe he has buggered off to some jaunt in the Med. Fat lot of use that is to Londoners! It’s too late now, he’s in.


Cyclists – look out for dodgy driving:-

  • Black cabs swerving to the kerb to pick up/drop off passengers
  • Pedestrians stepping out into the road without looking (and most of us do it on occasion)
  • Passengers hopping off or on Routemaster buses without looking
  • Vehicles turning left across you – even more serious if it is a bus or truck
  • Car doors being opened into your path
  • Vehicle creepage at junctions
  • Delivery vehicles parked in cycle lanes
  • Drivers failing to indicate properly leaving everyone guessing
  • Vehicles doing impromptu U-turns.

This came from the Transport for London website.  I have load of vehicles recently doing ‘u turns’ Shouldn’t this be illegal? They are dangerous and they just think of themselves first.