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Chat with a fellow cyclist who worked in an Old People’s Home

I was talking with a fellow cyclist who used to work in an Old People’s home in London, four years ago, and he was telling me that ‘staff stealing from the old resident’s was rife’. He even looked at the Accounts and noticed that ‘all the money wasn’t going in them’. He noticed staff buying clothes out of the old person’s money for themselves and ‘getting away with it’. Some of these matrons and carers ‘just do not care at all’ he said. He even saw a matron stashing a whole of quality meat in her car at the old people’s home.

So if you have an old person stuck in a home, keep an eye on the staff. Maybe some reporters can work in these old homes and see this for themselves. Maybe if you are bicycle visitor perhaps, you can keep a beady eye out for ‘unusual behaviour’. Maybe we should have more CCTV in these homes?