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What the ‘Cycling Powervest’ looks like?

Well, here is mine in the garden. OK, it is sunny but you get the general gist. On the front are 2 white lights , pockets and 4 reds in the back. 

I am quite tempted to encourage, let us say, our local bike shop to sell some of these which are great for commuters. 

It is also quite handy if your bike suddenly runs out batteries. I may go to Woolworths and see if they stock these special batteries. I have yet to see if getting them of those is hard.

At night time, the lights are less dim and they really show up. It’s like having a bicycle party!

I will be interested if any of you will buy one.  (if this link doesn’t work, try my Reflective Gear link the on the right.. they have Fantastic Stuff and No I am not getting any commission.