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Today’s Cycling News

I’ve just read on a council website that Finsbury Council, in London, pressurised by European Health & Safety Regulations, will spend up to £1.5 million on extra staff and brooms to sweep up the city’s cycle paths off ‘dangerous rubbish’ that could cause punctures and accidents to London’s cyclists and those who take part in London’s charity rides or large  rides such in Critical Mass.

 One of the cyclists from The Finsbury Wheelers, thought the council ‘was barking’ but ‘at least they’re doing something for us cyclists at long last’.  Sam M, a bike messenger, said ‘they should sort them flamin’  potholes out first’.

A Finsbury Council spokewoman, Brenda Ling, said ‘we take our responsibility to cyclists very seriously and no doubt other London Councils will follow. If anyone wants to report any potholes, we should be happy to look into this.’

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