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ALERT TO ALL CYCLISTS: Tower Bridge to turn Gold at 10pm tonight 1 Aug


Well, I have decided to go up there and experience this piece of history. I am at a cafe near London Bridge killing a bit of time. As my boyfriend (we are back together now) lives near here, I have a place to stay so I am very lucky. It is not 9pm.

Trust me to forget my bloody charger on a history making day! However, my friend has a computer so hopefully I will bash out something on my blog before my own PC goes kaput.

Had to barge my way into London Bridge station this evening. Commuters all coming back, you know, the non cycling types, It is a bit like a maze at London Bridge, but just about managed to find my way out of it.

I have some extra batteries in case my mobile dies. This will make up for my failings with my laptop charger.

I went past Bike For All in Tooley Street (all closed). I would have liked to have brought my bike along for the occasion but South Eastern trains have BANNED non fold up bikes.

Hardly any cyclist about. Looks like that mostly the Twitterati cyclists know about the *secret* 10pm Golden Light Up Night at Tower Bridge tonight. Maybe it won’t be very busy and I will get an excellent view!

One hour to go! Hope there will be a good cyclist turn out.