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Vogmask – A cool anti-pollution mask for women cyclists

For ages I have been suffering from the thick gunky air of London. Those that have probably never been to parts of Scandinavia and Switzerland think the air is normal and totally accept it.

Pollution is ‘supposedly low’ on some days, but this is just to please business so they can carry on polluting as normal, and only  get caught if it is ‘too much’. ‘Low’ isn’t low enough!

Anyway, I had an anti-pollution mask, you know, one of those expensive ones  which I bought online, but they looked so ugly like you’re on CSI investigating a murder so I never even wore it.

(brief interlude: shouty, screaming kids out side. ‘Shut the F up’ I say to myself)

Anyway, the air was pretty bad again by London Bridge the other day, so I bought myself another anti pollution mask on Amazon, and AT LAST, it is easy to get attractive (for good reasons)  pollution masks now -not ‘anti pollution apparatus’. Yahoo!

Vogmasks are  made out of light microfibre are  easily washable. (I am going to try mine out soon, and if  I need to get an extra filter, will get one. )

They are easy to put on, funky, urban, contemporary and great for women cyclists. Imagine a cool pollution mask, Vogmask has really got them! They also stop you eating flies too, another bonus, particularly for vegetarians. I look forward to seeing what other designs they have too.

I would add that Vogmask do some for men too, and none of them are as horrible looking as the ones in cycle shops. Check them out on Facebook.

They are £14.99 but not as much as the ugly  male orientated ones you get in cycling shops at £30.  I am not sure how good they are scientifically, but I think that if they can at least stop some of the London dirt being chucked down your lungs, than can be  a good thing.

The cycling industry are slowly realising women are cyclists and now have better cycling clothes and better looking bicycles etc.  (The helmets are still naff for women and I have not had a single compliment for my cycling shop bought helmet, but I have, when I spraypainted it the colour of my choice – a cool plain metallic colour).

But the cycling industry, mostly male it appears, either doesn’t sell any pollution masks in their shops (despite the public’s pollution awareness) or sells only ugly masks for men, if they ever do.

I have always known we can get more attractive anti pollution masks but I often found them hard to get even online as some were from from China, and probably had high postage costs.

However,  I was really pleased that Vogmask, a right on Californian company, sells really nice ones. (I would have thought the environmentally aware Germans would have got there first).  I would add that I didn’t get one free from  Vogmask so I don’t have to write any silly fake crap to promote their business.

Let’s hope cycling shops can actually improve their selection of anti-pollution masks so that women, who want to be healthy and cycle in highly polluted areas can enjoy wearing them, and stop breathing so much traffic fumes. Hopefully mothers will also give them to their children to wear too when they’re out cycling.

Let’s hope we  can set a fashion trend for Vogmask pollution mask in the UK!


Prince Harry is the new Benny Hill?

I spotted this poster near London Bridge by Advanced Dental Practice eager to make money out of his nudity. They were plastered around many streets and notice boards.

The Royals expect him to be a role model for  his charities but  from the  classy  nudey photo with all the cheap samey floozies he hangs round with clearly he does not care about his image . He is just a spoiled and sleazy Hooray Henry with far too much money in great need of fake Page 3 type women’s attention.  He is just not fussy who he keeps as company with and doesn’t care that he had a girlfriend, Cressida. ‘While the cats away’. At 27, he should know better. He really needs to cut down on booze and really get out of the Monarchy and the military, and do something he does best, maybe he could work in a nightclub. I am surprised he is supposed to be ‘a great catch’. I could think of a whole load of men a far better catch than him. Even the toads.

All we need now is an embarrassing drunken binge of a royal pissing in some seedy alleyway or defacing a war memorial. I feel sorry for the protection officers to have the burden of nannying him. A soldier who needs his own protection officers, really!

I just think that he is bringing the monarchy into disrepute and this is great for us republicans! Well done Harry, let’s wait for more sleazy photos to surface. And there’s very little that the Royal PR machine can do about it!

Well done to Team GB Lizzie Armistead who wins Silver


So far the women cyclists are doing better than the men. Brilliant! And they had crap weather too (we were caught in the thunder and lightening  when we’re were playing tennis around the same time in South London. We did think about the women cyclists as we hid under a shop front door. 

I was shocked, and bemused about the lack of marshalls in road races. It doesn’t make any sense. It is so dangerous if people are all over the road without anyone keeping them back. As a cycling fan, it really was pretty stupid. I am glad Mark Cavendish commented on that. It is pretty basic!


Great to see Bradley opening the Olympics with the Giant Bell.

Danny Boyle did a great job. The Opening Ceremony was fantastic. I particularly liked the Queen bit with the funny corgis, the countryside scene with the shire horses, Elgar, the Flame at the end and the Olympic Rain Fireworks. I did think the NHS bit went a bit on and was a bit cringeworthy sentimental. I also liked Palestine being involved and arab women who actually took part for the first time.

I can’t believe so many seats were left unfilled. We couldn’t get tickets! They should have sold them at the gates. This is a bit of a farce. There were huge gaps.

We watched the Tower Bridge Fireworks at 9.45pm on the Friday’s Opening Ceremony and saw this speed boat zip under it. We didn’t know who was on it as there was no commentary by City Hall. It was only when we looked on iplayer later, we saw that it was Beckham, who comes from Leytonstone (once we went to see where he used to live).

So far the only interesting person in the Olympics is Bradley Wiggins, the rest seem to be somewhat dull and self -obsessed. I wonder if cycling or, doing the same sport all the time, makes people ridgedly boring. They can be so serious too, which adds to their dullness. I don’t think I myself could stand doing sport all the time, I would need a variety but there is only so much you can say about winning or losing something!

I see that Critical Mass appeared at the Olympic Park but apparently some got arrested. Oh dear!

London in the Middle Ages

Now I am reading about the Middle Ages in my book.

Here’s a video on London’s Guildhall (and other bits of architecture) which is an impressive 14th century building and still standing up. I always seemed to walk past there but I really must go and see it one day.

When I visit the Guildhall, I’ll imagine the fashions, the smells, heroic knights, food they ate like beavers and thrushes, the Church forcing people to pay high taxes, all that disease and people going round in horseback not on boris bikes.

Borisbikes at Night

For several months I haven’t even been to London, missed the Boris bike debacle, and we now have Cameron and Clegg in Downing Street. So, for a long time, I haven’t even seen a real life, touch up close, borisbike – until yesterday evening.

One thing I noticed was that these Borisbikes have snatched the other bike racks. The station racks by Charing Cross have completely gone only to be replaced by Borisbikes.

Where are the station racks now? I have noticed that cyclists who used to park there now park on the rails nearby. The police advise us that we should park in proper cycle racks. When I bring my own bike, I will have to hunt down for a new bike rack. Surely they can’t pinch the original bike racks? Bloomin’ cheek. Bike racks ought to be ‘listed’. Give us our bike racks back!

I had a look at the borisbike rack by Victoria station and the screen was broken ie frozen. How useless is that? Then we went to the Charing Cross one which was working.

I was pleased to see that the bikes had both front and rear lights particularly now nights are drawing in. And the mudguard is bright in the dark. The borisbike bell seems to be pretty useless. The tyres, however, were chunky and rock hard.

I tried to sign up for a Borisbike online but I am not having any luck as tfl have to send me a email for my password. And so far, I haven’t received it yet.

Map Shop

I went into a historical map shop at the weekend. I did take a picture of it but my SD card was corrupted so it didn’t come out.

Anyway, there was a big pre 1900 map in front of the shop in the West End.

When J and I looked at it, it was incredible to see how many fields we had lost, round Bow and Peckham for example, much of it had fields.

It appears that the Governments at the time didn’t care a toss about the environment. Even more so!

As the railways came in, the urban regeneration was a lot worse. So public transport can be good, but it can certainly affect our surroundings by the urban sprawl.

£20,000 gent’s bike at Science Museum Exhibition

This will get the lycra cyclists taking sickie’s off work, and cancelling dates at last minute:-

From RoadCyclingUK.co.uk (go check it online to see what it looks like)

“….. the Factor100 could be the most advanced bicycle ever seen”.

Developed by Beru, an F1 components design company, the Factor100 uses the very latest technologies from motor sport and aerospace.

The bike is made from carbon fibre using the same modelling and analysis software used to design F1 cars, weighs under 7kg, and features on-board computers, performance monitoring systems, GPS and radio integrated into the handlebars and elsewhere in the bicycles. Beru adds that the Factor100 “…can correlate biometric data from the rider, physical force data from the bike and environmental data,” to change the way athletes undertake fitness training.”

The bike will be at the Science Museums ‘Fast Forward: 20 ways F1 is changing our world’ exhibition which open now until 5 April.

If you get one, better not leave it left on a bollard next to a supermarket like some dozy Tory ‘once-a-week’ cyclists do. Otherwise it will be someone’s bounty at Brick Lane.

I wonder what kind of bike lock goes with this bike? I don’t even think my bike shop stocks a bike lock for it. I think it only has locks for about sixty quid. That’s not gonna help much, is it? Particularly not in London.

And, and why is it yet another bloke’s bike? Sexism again.

Are we women cyclist invisible?


Going back to that company who had the 24 carat gold bike. They still haven’t replied as to why they haven’t bothered to make any women’s bikes. This company is so arrogant they don’t even want to reply to me. That’s not very good business sense. In fact, it’s rather poor customer relations.

Maybe the CTC should get on to them and find out why they’re so blatantly sexist?

Blimey, you get women Chelsea Pensioners but you can’t get a ‘decent woman’s bike’.