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Prince Harry is the new Benny Hill?

I spotted this poster near London Bridge by Advanced Dental Practice eager to make money out of his nudity. They were plastered around many streets and notice boards.

The Royals expect him to be a role model for  his charities but  from the  classy  nudey photo with all the cheap samey floozies he hangs round with clearly he does not care about his image . He is just a spoiled and sleazy Hooray Henry with far too much money in great need of fake Page 3 type women’s attention.  He is just not fussy who he keeps as company with and doesn’t care that he had a girlfriend, Cressida. ‘While the cats away’. At 27, he should know better. He really needs to cut down on booze and really get out of the Monarchy and the military, and do something he does best, maybe he could work in a nightclub. I am surprised he is supposed to be ‘a great catch’. I could think of a whole load of men a far better catch than him. Even the toads.

All we need now is an embarrassing drunken binge of a royal pissing in some seedy alleyway or defacing a war memorial. I feel sorry for the protection officers to have the burden of nannying him. A soldier who needs his own protection officers, really!

I just think that he is bringing the monarchy into disrepute and this is great for us republicans! Well done Harry, let’s wait for more sleazy photos to surface. And there’s very little that the Royal PR machine can do about it!