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Konnie Huq

I have just read that she is now going to take part in the Olympic Flame Ceremony after all…. Grr!

Another grr.. I have to work on 6 April. I have asked my boss if there is anyway I can go, but Fat Chance! I will watch it on the TV in the mornings and look out for the cyclists too and any interesting chalk markings on the roads.

Never mind I have a plan for Thursday instead.

Thor Hushovd to boycott Olympic Opening

This was mentioned in the International Tribune on 28 March.

At last. Why does a Norwegian have to show us?

Good for him.

Brilliant! Critical Mass outside The Chinese Embassy

Quote from Critical Mass London:

A good turnout despite the weather. On the approach to Parliament Square a sound system managed to keep playing but was silenced by police under SOCPA legislation, within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament. There followed a slow ride with lots of stopping and foot to the ground but happy neverthless. Outside the Chinese Embassy our cycle police formed a protective barrier to ensurer the occupants would not be upset. Guess whose side they are on. It seems that the fully armed copper there might not provide enough of a deterrent to a bunch of unarmed cyclists.

The ride continued and was last seen disappearing up Old Street.


What an excellent place to go. What will British Cycling say? Nothing. They will not mention it on their website.

I’ve just written under the forums in pro-Olympic ‘Cycling Weekly’ and mentioned that Critical Mass have cycled yesterday to the Chinese Embassy in Protest.  I have also added a poll about whether or not our British Cyclists are right in participating.

That may ruffle a few feathers.

You can voice your views too on and Click Forums and News

Well done to CM.

Raging Bike Website

I like this website as it writes about idiots in cars, cycling statistics and levels of pollution.

British Motor Show, Excel 23 July – 3 August 2008

Quote from this awful gas guzzling auto friendly site (note the Sponsors (change your insurance policy!)

The award-winning British International Motor Show sponsored by Zurich Connect  returns to ExCeL London from 23 July – 3 August 2008 bringing glamour, excitement, innovation, inspiration and more. There’s something for everyone  with hundreds of cars on display, global premieres and tons of interactive features.

It’s sure to be the motoring event of the year and this Summer’s hottest ticket!

The Heritage Enclosure, Supercar Paddock, Drift School, Kids Car Zone, Adventure Land 4×4 experience and on water displays are just some of the treats on offer and the entertainment continues as the sun goes down with The Motor Show Music Festival!


‘Something for everyone’ guys it says! A Hot Ticket?!

A list of car dealerships in the UK

May Day Ride

I’ve just read the Critical Mass website and there will be a Mayday ride at 11am, Thursday 1st May on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge.

 However, I feel it is a good idea to meet outside Car Dealerships, petrol stations etc. There are several 4×4 car dealerships  near me and no on ever demonstrates there.