The Virtual Revolution & The BBC suppressing news

Thanks to Superblog Crapwalthamforest for uploading the Daily Torymail’s story on the Former BBC Director General who had a massive SMIDSY, so bad that it flipped onto its roof.

Now just how did he lose concentration? Just why on earth was he NOT paying attention? This bloke ought to have a proportional fine like they do in Switzerland.

I also tried to find the story on the BBC but I had no luck although it was splattered all over the Torygraph and even got as far as one of the Devon online newspapers.

Now this is exactly what I mean by ‘The Virtual Revolution’ and the suppression of news by the mainstream sources such as the BBC. How come this is news to other sources, even minor ones, but not the BBC? No wonder there are loads of Facebook Groups slamming the BBC as being biased.

“Former BBC Director General Greg Dyke apologised to a ‘terrified’ family after he crashed into their car with so much force that it flipped on to its roof.

The accident left two small children dangling upside down in the vehicle, which was written off when Dyke’s silver Lexus hit the back of it.

The children’s father, who had been driving the car but was stationary at a traffic light when the accident occurred, then had to be restrained from physically attacking the millionaire television executive.

Mr Dyke later wrote a letter to the family in which he apologised for their ordeal, which happened in broad daylight after he ‘lost concentration’.”

Citizen Action! Write and complain to (no doubt it will be a standard BBC response letter saying ‘we can only fit so much in’ and all that mainstream ‘vetted’ codswallop. The BBC hate complaints and of course they are forced to publish big ones. Is it more important that BBC protects ex-BBC employees or to raise awareness of road safety? (I have just written and said that writing about road safety is important, and we need to drivers to be more aware of their bad driving so they can improve).

I look forward to the reply which of course, will be published here on this undoctored blog.


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