BBC Inside Out – Increase in Youth related car crashes

Now I have new and fancy Netbook, I have started to use

Because I work shifts I often miss useful and important programmes on road safety and well, interesting programmes in general. When I get home it is normally some rubbish American ‘thriller’ -I mean who watches that cr*p anyway?

Anyway, I watched ‘Inside Out- yesterday and it was going on about how many young people were killing themselves because of their ‘inexperience’.

I was pleased that the police went up to the kids in the programme and warned them that their speeding could kill pedestrians and cyclists. But even the police agreed, that it falls on deaf ears to some teenage yobs.

I was also interested to see on the programme a road safety couple who were speaking to young people. The woman was ‘driven out the way’ by a motorist and she had spinal injuries and was in a wheelchair. Some of the kids found it useful.

Of course there is ‘inexperience’ involved to some extent but if a road sign says 40mph, it does not mean 70mph plus. What has inexperience got to do with that? At least the police did mention ‘bravado’ and that is what we see on the roads all the time and it isn’t just young yobs, it is middle-aged people too and some pensioners in fast cars. Oh and ex BBC Director General’s too – old enough to know better.

The police admitted that their approaches to road safety does not always work and considering the increasing numbers of youths crashing in their teens and dying, I think the driving limit should be raised to 21. And Yorkshire needs to have lower speed limits, the countryside has always been forgotten.

I’ve put the link to the programme in the comments section because I can’t fathom this silly wordpress way of doing it:-)

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