Complaints about Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Killing Prostitutes”

Lately many insensitive comments from Ross, Brand, Good and Now Clarkson (not surprising really) from the BBC, who get paid loads for this stuff.

Do the BBC use insensitive and sensational’ to boost the ratings? An all time low in humour, as usual from Clarkson. Don’t they have any control over him?

From the BBC

“Clarkson joke sparks complaints

Clarkson jokes about lorry drivers killing sex workers

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has prompted more than 500 people to complain to the BBC about a joke he made on Sunday’s motoring show.

Clarkson, 48, was taking part in a lorry-driving task, when he joked about lorry drivers killing sex workers.

“Change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That’s a lot of effort in a day,” he said.

The BBC said the joke had made “ridiculous an unfair urban myth”.

Forklift truck driver Steve Wright was jailed in February for killing five prostitutes in Ipswich.

‘Urban myth’

Clarkson’s joke, made before the watershed, has now sparked 517 complaints.

But a BBC spokesman said that by Monday morning – before the incident had been reported on by newspapers and websites – there had been 188 complaints.

Sunday’s programme, which aired on BBC Two at 2000 GMT, was watched by around seven million viewers”


the General Response from the BBC:

Top Gear, Joke about lorry drivers killing prostitutes, BBC Two, 2 November 2008.Publication date: 5 November 2008

We received complaints from viewers who were unhappy with comments made by Jeremy Clarkson that featured in Top Gear on Sunday 2nd November 2008.

The BBC’s response

“Top Gear is BBC Two’s long-running motoring show and its audience has clear expectations of Jeremy Clarkson’s long-established and frequently provocative on-screen persona and exaggerated humour.

These references did not go out without the BBC giving them careful consideration and we did not intend to cause offence.

We took the view that their inclusion was justified as we were taking an urban myth about the world of lorry driving, and then exaggerating it to an absurd level. The comments should be seen within the context of the programme”.


One response to “Complaints about Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Killing Prostitutes”

  1. God, the UK is getting more American by the minute. Reactionary whingers are the only people who would’ve complained. (and were possibly the very same people who complained about Jonathan Ross and twit-face’s comments – days after the show aired – and most without even seeing it).

    By the way, Forklift drivers are NOT “truck drivers” of any description. That’s like saying the guy who collects trolleys at the supermarket is a train driver. 😉

    In any case, there’s no way Clarkson would have been alluding to the Steve Wright story. He was poking fun at one of the many commonly held (and worldwide) attitudes towards truckers.

    If he’d made the same sort of joke about taxi drivers… “wrong way, long way, run stop sign, rape drunken passenger, run stop sign.” no-one would’ve said anything.

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